Donna giulia

Donna Giulia

Traditional Method Sparkling Wine

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Production Area

Grapes are produced on the estate which is situated inside the Parco del Conero at Numana, roughly one km from the Adriatic coast.


Formed in the medium-upper Pliocene Epoch, the soil differs from  lime-clay to sandy lime-clay according to the site.

Grape varieties

Montepulciano 100%

Production technique

Primary fermentation at 18° C of free-run must from grapes that have reached a perfect balance between acidity and sugar. Fermentation is aided by selected yeasts. A small amount of liqueur di tirage is added to the wine at bottling during in the following spring. The wine is then stocked in an 18th century cellar where it is aged on the lees for around 2 years After remuage, the wine is disgorged and topped with the addition of a small amount of liqueur d’expedition before receiving its final cork.

Organolectic characteristics

A delicate pale pink colour, becoming more intense with age, acquiring soft pale yellow shades. Very special nose typical of the Montepulciano grape variety with delicate non-invasive hint of toast. Clean, dry and elegant to taste.

Vintage available